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NEW! Downloadable Gift Certificates Redeemable at Elysian Pillows!

Here are our new Gift Certificates! Custom Denominations are also available! Each Gift Certificate comes with an additional coupon for the buyer and instructions on how to redeem. The Gift Certificate the buyer downloads will have a unique code needed to redeem.

Delivery is available upon special request.

Find them now at





Attention New Buyers!

Get a $5.00 Discount When Your Order is Over $20.00. Use Code “NEW2EP” Right Away!


Special Coupon Code For Visitors and Followers of the Elysian Pillows Blog


For Any Visitors and Followers of Elysian Pillow’s Blog: 

We are pleased to offer a discount coupon code that can be redeemed at our Etsy Store at Checkout.

Once you purchase our lovely pillows, type “BLOGGIES” in the Discount Coupon Code

Area to receive 10% off your purchase.

*Offer is valid on ALL items including sale items!

Go to to make your purchase now!


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