New Dream Pillow Loose Herbal Blend Organza Bags


Introducing Our New Dream Pillow Loose Herbal Blend Organza Bags. You can pick your blend (or create a new one) and pick your colour organza bag!

Love the idea of our Dream Pillow Blends, but you just want the herbs themselves?Now you can use our blends wherever you like!



Here are a few examples:

1. In the bath
2. Under pillow in bag
3. Sprinkled on/under pillow
4. Inside pillowcase
5. In drawer
6. In Purse
7. In homemade pillow
8. Inserted into favourite pillow
9. Incense loose or in bag
10. Hanging over bed/window, door

Organza 1Each listing is for one 3″ x 4″ Organza Ribbon Drawstring

Bag filled with a Aromatherapy Blend of herbs, flowers,

resins, roots and seeds. The blend and the bag will also

be charged with Reiki using Reiki symbols.


For a complete list of herbs in our blends, please

look at any of our corresponding listings:

Samhain:                         Organza Choices 2





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