Preview Our New and Exciting “DEMETER BLEND” Dream Pillows

Coming up soon is our new herb blend for Dream Pillows.

This blend is inspired by the Greek Goddess Demeter

and is a perfect scent for the warm weather

of Summer Solstice


The “Demeter Blend” will be available in a variety

of  fabric colours/patterns

starting in June 2013


You may pre-order a custom made Dream Pillow

featuring the “Demeter Blend”

or Order a Organza Sachet of the Blend

online via

or contact us first at


Here are some of the ingredients in the “Demeter Blend”:

  • Red Opium Poppy Seeds (Sacred to Demeter)
  • Honeysuckle
  • Opopanax Resin -aka Sweet Myrrh
  • Hyacinth Blossoms
  • Bay Leaves
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Jasmine Blossoms
  • English Lavender Blossoms
  • Mugwort
  • Florentine Orris Root Powder
  • Peppermint
  • Rose Petals
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Freshly Made Demeter Blend


What’s New

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NEW! Downloadable Gift Certificates Redeemable at Elysian Pillows!

Here are our new Gift Certificates! Custom Denominations are also available! Each Gift Certificate comes with an additional coupon for the buyer and instructions on how to redeem. The Gift Certificate the buyer downloads will have a unique code needed to redeem.

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Where Does Creator Rebecca Watson Find Her Inspirations?


June 2007: Before going to University, Rebecca and her Grandfather were lucky enough to take a trip to Greece. In this picture, a very tired Rebecca stands on top of the Acropolis in Athens with the Parthenon behind her. Rebecca has enjoyed Greek Mythology since she was six years old and loves to incorporate it in her life and her creations.


In July 2010 Rebecca traveled to England and Scotland. She loves ancient Pagan and Celtic traditions, particularly involving “Avalon” in Glastonbury. Rebecca hopes to move to England at some time to be a part of the ancient traditions that are still celebrated to this day. Much of Rebecca’s creations involve her passion and extensive research of Pagan mythology, and herbalism. This is a picture of Rebecca on a rare sunny day at Stonehenge.


Rebecca wishes she could wear cloaks and ancient and fantasy items all the time. Fantasy such as Lord of the Rings is a passion of Rebecca’s that can also be seen in her creations.

Preview of New and Exciting Blend: “BELTANE”

Coming Up Soon is our new herb blend for Dream Pillows.

It is inspired by and created fresh for Beltane (May 1).

Here are some of the ingredients that will be featured:

  • Agrimony *
  • Marigold/Calendula Blossoms *
  • Elderflowers *
  • Meadowsweet *
  • Red Rose Petals *
  • Cinnamon
  • Costus Root
  • Frankincense *
  • Benzoin Sumatra
  • Orris Root Powder
  • Myrtle Leaves
  • Star Anise



*As of April 1 2013 some Beltane Dream Pillows are officially on Sale!*

(* Indicates prescribed special “Herbs of Beltane”)Image