Inspired by Fall, Useful All Year: HARVEST FESTIVAL BLEND

Introducing Elysian Pillows’ New Harvest Festival Blend!


This blend is dedicated to the European Harvest Festivals including Mabon and Samhain. It celebrates the autumn season and includes traditional herbs of Mabon and Samhain. They are truly magical!

The Harvest Festival Blend Dream Pillow is inspired by Celtic/ European traditions as well as traditional Autumn scents. The blend is has so many wonderful properties to them that we’re listing them all! They can help with:

~ Sleep ~Protection ~ Health/ Longevity ~Purification ~Love ~Prosperity
~Prophetic Dreams ~Good/Peaceful Dreams ~Strength ~Protection Against Nightmares

What’s Inside?

Ingredients followed by a * indicate traditional herbs of fall festivals such as Mabon and Samhain.

1. Honeysuckle *      = Prosperity/Wealth, Prophetic Dreams, Protection, Health/Longevity
2. Patchouli- Amber Resin Powder *       = Protection, Purification
3. Lavender     = Love/Romance, Protection, Sleep, Health/Longevity, Happiness, Good                                        Dreams, Purification

4. Valerian Resin Powder  = Love/Romance, Sleep, Protection, Good Dreams, Purification

5. Orange Peel       = Love/Romance, Prosperity/Wealth, Luck
6. Bay Leaves *  = Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Health/Longevity, Strength, Purification
7. Opopanax (Sweet Myrrh) Resin *   = Protection, Purification, Health/Longevity
8. White Willow Bark      = Love/Romance, Protection, Health/Longevity
9. Mugwort *  = Strength, Prophetic Dreams, Protection Against Nightmares, Sleep, Health
10. Florentine Orris Root Powder    = Love/Romance, Protection, Prophetic Dreams
11. St John’s Wort = Protection Against Nightmares, Strength, Happiness, Health/Longevity
12. Galangal Root  = Protection, Health/Longevity, Prophetic Dreams, Prosperity/ Wealth
13. Passionflower *      = Good Dreams, Sleep, Prosperity/Wealth
14. Red Cedar Resin Powder   = Purification, Protection, Soothe/Relax/Calm
15. Jasmine * = Love/Romance, Prophetic Dreams, Romantic Dreams, Prosperity/Wealth
16. Calendula/Marigold *    = Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep
17. Rue *      = Health/Longevity, Love/Romance, Protection
18. White Sage * = Protection, Health/Longevity, Purification

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